Block Centering Analyzer R7
Focus on making the most of wood

Maximized veneer recovery with intelligent block centering

What is Block Centering Analyzer R7?

Raute Block Centering Analyzer R7, formerly known as Smart Scan HD, is a block scanning and centering system that is compatible with any peeling line on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. Whether you’re working with hardwood or softwood, Block Centering Analyzer R7 ensures that you will get most from the wood. The system is packed with features that will enhance your production. With precise laser scanning and our patented autocalibration, your veneer recovery will increase significantly, and you will get more valuable face veneer.

Whether you’re buying a new block charger or upgrading your existing system, Block Centering Analyzer R7 is for you. With block centering analyzer, perfect centering is simple. Read on to learn about the best bits of Block Centering Analyzer R7 and start making the most of your wood.


Key benefits

15% more yield

With Block Centering Analyzer R7, you will increase your veneer yield with the same amount of raw material.

20% more face veneer

You will get more of the most valuable part of wood due to precise scanning and intelligent features.

Increased uptime

Patented autocalibration keeps the centering extremely accurate through the whole peeling process, leading to longer maintenance intervals and increased uptime.

Is Block Centering Analyzer R7 suitable for you?

It’s the perfect solution if you want to…


Block Centering Analyzer R7 fits any brand

It’s your lucky day! Block Centering Analyzer R7 is the best block scanning system on the market and you can install it even if your peeling line isn’t manufactured by Raute. This universal scanning system can be installed on nearly any peeling line, with few to no modifications.

For all machinery regardless of manufacturer

No matter what brand of machinery you have, Block Centering Analyzer R7 is compatible and will give you all the benefits. It can be installed on both new and existing lines.

For any wood species

Block Centering Analyzer R7 can be used with all raw materials. It is suitable for all hardwood and softwood species, even balsa and rubberwood. Raute has over 150 deliveries globally.

For veneer-based wood industry

Whether you are a veneer, plywood or LVL producer, or even combination of all of them, Block Centering Analyzer R7 is for you.

Excellent integration

The Block Centering Analyzer R7 technology can be integrated into different PLC control systems with both new and existing block chargers. The system also supports production data management and reporting.

Modernize just as much as you need

We offer flexible modernization services ranging from installing a single Block Centering Analyzer R7 system to complete charger upgrades, including mechanical XY-optimization and controls.

Why should you upgrade your block centering system?

Block centering is the most important part of the peeling process. With a modern peeling line, you will get more yield and thus make more money. It’s time to upgrade your existing line to meet the requirements of today. Block Centering Analyzer R7 can easily replace your old single-point laser system or older generation curtain laser scanning system.

Maximum production capacity

Fast scanning with scan-on-the-fly feature enables fast production with no waiting time. The optimal lathe knife carriage retraction gives the best possible good-wood-to-good-wood time for the peeling line.

Smart measuring technology

Realistic 3D imaging together with intelligent block optimization algorithms ensure extremely precise block centering with any kind of block charger. This, combined with advanced diagnostic possibilities and production data capturing, keep veneer recovery continuously high.

Reliable production

Our patented autocalibration system ensures excellent centering accuracy regardless of wearing of joints and bearings between the service breaks. Connectivity enables remote support. These features, combined with local service and excellent spare parts availability, keep lines always productive without interruptions.

Short payback time

The payback time for the system can be as low as 6 months thanks to big improvements in production and lower operating costs. Improved cash flow is guaranteed with Block Centering Analyzer R7.

See who has grown their business with Raute

Garnica Group, Spain

The Garnica Group is the biggest poplar plywood producer in Europe and they have been using Raute products for many years, including a Raute peeling line at their Valencia don Juan mill. Installed in 2003, the log centering technology at the Valencia don Juan mill was finally in need of an update. Garnica selected Raute’s Block Centering Analyzer R7 as the best option.

IPL, New Zealand

International Panel & Lumber in New Zealand produces wood panel and plywood products from renewable plantation-grown pine trees. They recently decided to modernize the charger and lathe on their peeling line to ensure reliability and improve productivity. After careful consideration, they decided that Raute products would meet their goals best.

Invest and profit

Calculate your return on investment

Enter the data into the easy-to-use calculator and you will immediately get a rough estimate of your potential raw material savings with Block Centering Analyzer R7, compared to your existing block charger. Raute specialists will help you to calculate your exact savings potential and provide an estimate of the actual investment.

5 important ways to improve your yield

Most peeling lines offer some scope for improvement. From increasing process accuracy and veneer recovery to reducing energy costs, there are many ways to raise your profitability and your yield. Raute offers a variety of systems and technologies that help customers improve the efficiency and productivity of their peeling lines. This article explains some of the factors that go into improving and optimizing production efficiency, and how new Raute solutions like Block Centering Analyzer R7 manage to deliver their significant benefits.

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