Why should you grade veneer?

Every sheet of veneer is one-of-a-kind, with unique properties. The strength and stiffness vary from sheet to sheet. Monitoring and then sorting based on these properties ensures the best use of your available fiber resources.

With veneer strength grading and plywood quality control you can predict and verify your end product’s structural properties.

For example, lower grade veneer sheets can be used as the inner layers of a plywood panel and the stronger, higher grade veneer sheets can be used for the more important outer layers. By grading the sheets correctly, you can produce stronger engineered wood products, and ensure that they conform to quality certification programs. With more efficient use of your fiber resource, you will be able to increase your revenue. 

Raute’s Metriguard Veneer Grading Systems use sonic velocity to grade veneer. Sonic velocity is measured by using transducer wheels that transmit ultrasonic pulses through the veneer sheet. The transducer wheels are positioned to roll over each veneer sheet passing through the veneer grader frame. The transmitted ultrasonic stress wave runs the length of the veneer, along the grain Veneer sorted using this method has characteristics that correlate with stiffness and strength.


Key benefits

Produce high-quality structural plywood

Fast and reliable testing of veneer for use in structural plywood

Maximize your yield and profit

Grading and sorting your veneer sheets before the layup process allows you to further refine and control the structural properties of the plywood

More predictable end products

With veneer strength grading and plywood quality control you can predict and verify end product structural properties






Raute’s Metriguard Veneer Grading System

The Raute Metriguard Veneer Strength
Analyzer grading system enables you to test
and monitor your veneer’s properties.
This lets you sort veneer into different grades
so that you can use each sheet of veneer in the most appropriate application and in the most resource-efficient way.




Raute Panel Tester

Panel Bending Tester lets you test your panels to assess and improve their quality, strength and stiffness. This enables you to ensure they meet the standard your customers demand.




Four easy steps to maximize your profit with veneer grading and plywood quality control

Raute’s Metriguard systems offer a complete solution to let you get the most from your plywood production. Understanding veneer quality and then sorting the veneers properly are key steps for successful operations. Download the document to see how we can provide a path to better results.

Plywood producers can benefit from using Metriguard veneer graders


Raute’s Metriguard Veneer Graders increase your profits with greater yield from the same material resource

For panel manufacturers, we offer equipment for bending and performance testing.

Industry standard veneer strength grading technology

Metriguard Veneer Graders are used worldwide for veneer strength grading. In the Asia-Pacific region for over 25 years.

Overall consistent quality panels

Veneer grading allows you to control plywood quality and ensure constant quality.

Produce stronger structural panels

Veneer strength grading allows panel producers to control fiber resource properties to maintain quality standards.

Control panel warping

Veneer strength grading allows you to choose veneers with similar strength properties on both faces of the plywood and thus control panel warping.

More predictable end products

With veneer strength grading and plywood quality control testing you can predict and verify end product structural properties.