Raute P2 Patcher
The easiest way to patch and upgrade veneer quality

With P2 Patcher, you’ll get high class patching in a small-scale machine

What is the P2 Patcher?

Raute’s P2 patcher has the most advanced technology on the market for patching knots and holes in veneer. Patching veneer with the P2 Patcher is significantly quicker, more efficient and safer than patching manually.

The easiest way to patch veneer

The ease of use of the P2 Patcher extends to the whole life-cycle of the machine:

  • The machine is plug & play, and requires very little floor space.
  • It’s easy to operate since it only needs one operator
  • The maintenance is easy due to the high quality die, which lasts for several decades and up to 50 million individual patches.

Thermo-bond taping

With the integrated thermo-bond taping option, loose composed joints and veneer edge splits can be easily fixed.

Key benefits for P2 Patcher


With Raute’s P2 Patcher you can upgrade your veneer quality by repairing defects with solid wood instead of synthetic materials. The solid wood butterfly patches ensure that the plywood you produce is more eco-friendly and adapts, for example, to temperature changes more consistently.

One-man operated

Raute’s P2 Patcher is a patching machine with the latest technology. It runs with only one operator, so it helps you significantly reduce your labor costs. With P2 Patcher, you’ll patch veneer even ten times faster than manually. It’s a faster, safer and more efficient alternative for manual patching.


The solid steel frame of the P2 Patcher, the world’s longest lasting dies and no hydraulics ensure that the machines maintenance costs stay low. Die sharpening span is up to 2 million patches and lifespan even up to 50 million patches.


Why should you choose butterfly type patches? The simple answer is to increase your profit and to avoid losses. The best thing about butterfly type patches is that they don’t pop off and they bear more than double the load compared to other types of patches.

A butterfly type patch is the recommended veneer patch type. Raute’s P2 butterfly patches ensure a bigger contact area and better adhesion than oval shaped patches. With butterfly patches, you can save up to 25% in patching material costs compared to the boat type patches.




Studies show that by choosing the butterfly type patches, you can save up to 25% in patching material costs compared to the boat type patches. Butterfly type patches maximize veneer patching repair and have higher material yield than with composing and panel repairing.


With butterfly type patches you don’t have to worry about broken veneer caused by patches popping off. Butterfly patches reinforced the strength in composed veneers and stays firm even in between composed joints.


The retention properties of butterfly type patches last amazingly well in further handling and help you to get the most out of your wood. Due to these retention properties the butterfly type patches bear double the load compared to other type patches.

The best veneer patching quality on the market

Are you ready for the P2 Patcher?

Stop the hassle with manual patching and low-quality machinery and take a step towards a better-quality veneer. We packed several advanced features into a small machine. Download the brochure for technical details and benefits in a nutshell.

Stop manual patching - start upgrading veneer quality

The results are in, the P2 Patcher is the winner in the battle of man versus a machine. There are a lot of advantages in patching with a machine versus patching manually; including labor savings, better-quality veneer and more yield. Read our article on machine patching and start upgrading veneer quality.