RxEvent Southeast Asia
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Thanks to all our visitors for a successful event! If you want to continue your Rx experience, head to our virtual future mill and showroom.

While IFMAC 2021 has been canceled, we are happy to break the news.

Raute, in collaboration with the Indonesian Wood Panel Association (APKINDO),
s taking a step forward, presenting you with industry hot topics.

Following Raute's first-ever virtual event,
we are proud to introduce to you RxEvent Southeast Asia.

The unique keynote speakers, forward-focused specialist presentations and Q & A sessions with Raute experts will take you on a meaningful journey, providing an insight into industry hot topics like "Forestry trends in Southeast Asia" and "The Future of veneer and plywood". In other words – the future of your veneer-based business.

Come and connect with other industry professionals through our free-of-charge virtual event specially designed for the Southeast Asian audience.

Topics covered

  • Forestry trends in Southeast Asia

  • The future of veneer and plywood

  • Introduction to digitally-driven modern mill

  • Boost your business with Raute R3 Series

  • Raute technology demos and presentations

Welcome words presented by



Mr Tapani Kiiski

President and CEO of Raute Corporation




Mr Budijuwono Handjaja

Board of INDONESIAN WOOD PANEL ASSOCIATION (APKINDO) for Raw material, Production & Marketing




Executive talks

Presenting and discussing the themes of “Forestry Trends in Southeast Asia” and “Future of Veneer and Plywood” are our selected keynote speakers Mr George Kuru and Mr Wu Shengfu

Forestry trends in Southeast Asia



Mr George Kuru

Professional forester, biometrician, traceability expert and IT System Designer with 30 years’ international experience.



Future of Veneer and Plywood 

Mr Wu Shengfu-1


Mr Wu Shengfu 

General Manager, Green Panel Corporation
General Manager, Beijing Green Forest Certification Co., Ltd
Vice Chairman, China National Forest Product Industry Association


Raute experts will take you through various topics with the same end goal – to make your veneer and plywood business more profitable and everyday life smoother.

Providing additional insight into the presented topics, Raute experts are available for Q&A sessions and demo presentations on the event platform.



Antti Komulainen
Specialist, Data Analytics

Managing your veneer-based business with digital tools

Read more Data and digital tools can be used to support your business decision-making in many different ways. When balancing with the operational stuff like sales and raw material purchasing and add on top of that the business development and forecasting, it helps when your production process is healthy and predictable. Join our Service Specialist Antti Komulainen as he opens up the benefits of Digital tools.




Harri Lyytinen
Sales Manager, Analyzers

Value with grading

Read more Want to unlock the full potential of your raw material. In his presentation Harri Lyytinen, Sales Manager, Analyzers guides us through the various benefits of automatic grading with analyzer technology. How analyzers are more accurate than human eyes and how grading radically affects the profitability of your veneer-based business.



Ivan Low
Field Service Engineer

Local service from global actor

Read more Many Southeast Asian mills have traditionally invested in backup lines due to lack of a well-thought maintenance strategy.  If these allocated Investments made for contingency planning, were to be invested in maintenance programs, it would result in not only better long-term productivity, but also in the profitability of the business operation. 

Ivan Low, Field Service Engineer, explains how predictive maintenance can turn your maintenance activities into a moneymaker!



Jukka Siiriäinen
Executive Vice President, R3 Series

What R3 Series is all about

Read more Jukka Siiriäinen’s presentation is all about Raute R3 Series –
the new kid on the block, as we say. Hear what Jukka has to say about the newest addition to our technology series, specially designed for emerging markets