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Veneer production is easily seen as an underrated production phase for the more famous products, plywood, and LVL. Why to fuss about veneer then?

The answer is simple. The world around us is changing and so are the requirements for different veneer-based wood products. If the veneer is crap after peeling and drying, it is virtually impossible to fix it anymore in the later phases of your production process. Modern veneer production is about making the most out of your raw material - with quality.

The unique keynote speakers, forward-focused specialist presentations, and Q&A sessions take you on a meaningful journey, providing an insight into veneer market trends, a view of the exciting future of veneer products, and steps to a digitally-driven modern veneer mill.

Welcome to RxEvent Veneer!

Topics covered

  • Veneer, the new cocoa?
  • Future of veneer business
  • Veneer products beyond the obvious
  • Elements of modern veneer production
  • Getting the most out of every single block

Executive Talks

Presenting and discussing the themes of “Veneer, the new cocoa?”, “Future of veneer business”, and "Veneer products beyond the obvious".

Veneer, the new cocoa?


Are we running out of dense large diameter logs? Are we seeing any changes in the forestry trend of “grow fast and harvest” on a fundamental level? Is the good quality raw material growing in certain areas globally? As the suitable raw material is getting scarcer, does it mean wood veneer will turn into a “luxury” product as has happened to cocoa? Which industries will be the winners (i.e. pulp & paper/sawmills/veneer-based businesses/energy sector)? How climate change is affecting plantation forests globally? Are we going to see bug infestations, fungi, etc. in areas where those haven’t been seen before? Where the suitable raw material will be found in the future? Is there anything we can do to protect the raw material from these threats? These among many others are topics we would like to shed light on the future of wood veneer.


Mr Peichen Gong

Peichen Gong is professor of forest economics at the Department of Forest Economics of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). His area of expertise is forest economics. His research interests include forestry decision analysis under conditions of risk and uncertainty, multiple-use forest management planning, forest carbon sequestration, and forest sector modeling and policy assessment.


Future of veneer business


How the future of veneer production looks like? What kind of talent do you need in the future mill? Will veneer be peeled by companies specialized in veneer production or will plywood and LVL producers invest more in veneer production? How do log export bans affect where the veneer will be produced? Is data and AI the solution for utilizing scarce raw material to its most? Who defines what kind of veneer needs to be produced in the future? These among many others are topics we would like to shed light on the future of the veneer business.


Mr Jussi Silventoinen

Jussi Silventoinen has 27 years of experience in the wood products industry from all around the world. He has worked and lived both in North America and Europe and has also completed consulting projects in Asia, South America, Africa, and Russia. Jussi has an in-depth knowledge of lumber, engineered wood, veneer, plywood, and other panels both from the market and operations perspective. He has held management positions in consulting firms and currently works in an advisory capacity for Raute and holds a board position in a forestry consulting company BCon Ltd.



Raute experts will take you through various topics with the same end goal – to make your veneer business more profitable and everyday life smoother.

Providing additional insight into the presented topics, Raute experts are available for Q&A sessions.



Jari Myyryläinen
Vice President,


Introduction to modern veneer production



Mikko Vesterinen
Technology Manager,
Veneer Peeling


Modern veneer peeling



Jarkko Kaislaoja
Technology Manager,
Veneer Drying


Energy-efficient veneer production


Komulainen Antti

Antti Komulainen
Data Analytics


veneer production



Harri Lyytinen
Sales Manager,


Maximize profitability of veneer production with grading