Turn your service agreement into cooperative production optimization

Did you know that an efficient service agreement can reduce your maintenance expenses up to 50%? The best partnerships support your strategic business targets by offering the highest quality and the right scope. It’s time to start improving reliability and optimizing your production.

Learn how to turn your service agreement into cooperative optimization.


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Our service agreements

Pick the perfect option ranging from fast response time to cooperative production optimization.
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Fast response with a frame agreement.


  • Corrective maintenance
  • Remote support during office hours
  • 24/7 access to customer portal and ticketing support system
  • Maintenance shutdown planning and supervision
  • Qualified technicians on call


Increase reliability and efficiency with proactive service planning and technological audits.


  • Proactive preventive maintenance
  • 24/7 remote support
  • Regular technical inspections online and onsite providing detailed line condition information
  • Technological audits for process improvements
  • Data analytics services


Optimize production with daily onsite service support and advanced analytics, with payments based on performance.


  • Preventive maintenance with a full-time Raute specialist onsite
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and follow-up support with MillSIGHTS data capturing management and information system
  • Continuous technical inspections online and onsite providing detailed line condition information
  • Continuous, data-based production optimization
  • Payment based on results* 

*A minimum fee applies.

What our customers think?

“When something is preventing a production cycle, a detailed diagnostic system analyses the cause and helps us to maintain the expected performance standards.”


Näyttökuva 2021-1-25 kello 13.22.29 Copy 2

Gino Ceresara,

Engineering Manager, Panguaneta

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“Remote support meetings with Raute enabled our maintenance technicians to carry out extensive condition checks and create an action plan prior to the summer maintenance shutdown.”


Ulf-Norling (21) Copy

Ulf Norling,

Maintenance Manager, Plyfa

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Minimizing downtime is essential.

However, we believe that maintenance is not enough. Read our guide on how you should transform your service agreement into cooperative optimization.

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