The importance of veneer drying

Did you know that how your veneer is dried significantly increases your production's efficiency, savings and quality?

Also, are you aware of why veneer drying is an integral part of veneer production?

We have gathered a wealth of information to reveal to you why learning both the benefits and reasons for optimal veneer drying will give you not only a significant increase in product quality, but also a considerable decrease in process costs.

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This whitepaper documents the fundamental factors influencing veneer quality, the energy needed to dry veneer, and the most optimal drying conditions. Learn more about the various benefits of veneer drying here.

Veneer drying - Why and how to do it?




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Understanding both the purpose of veneer drying and learning how to achieve optimally dried veneer are key factors in accomplishing high-quality products in a cost-efficient way. This educational article covers exactly this. With it, you are one step closer to making the most out of your veneer.

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