Drying done right:

Why modernizing your drying line is essential to veneer production?

When it comes to cutting both costs and downtime in veneer production

— the best place to start is by making sure your veneer drying line is up to modern standards. After all, advanced control of the veneer drying process not only ensures high-quality dry veneer capacity but also leads to decreased energy consumption, quality losses, and overall process costs.

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How does it work?

With decades of experience in wood industry technology, our experts at Raute carry out step-by-step veneer drying line modernizations that takes every area of improvement into account, from hot and cooling sections to jam-up detections and control system modernizations.

Enhancing performance through dryer modernization for all brands

Hot sections

Enhancing heat transfer, increasing capacity, optimizing drying conditions, and conserving energy through modified dryer hot section parts

Cooling section

Improving energy efficiency through pressure control and delivering correct veneer temperature via cooling air temperature control

Jam-up detection

Monitoring incoming and outcoming veneer flow and utilizing electro-mechanical contact to provide jam-up detection

Modular Modernization Control System for Dryers

Increasing productivity by dryer control modernizations, ranging from humidity and cooling to jam-up and speed control

178 delivered dryer modernizations
since 2010.


Taking Koskisen veneer production to another level

Our partner Koskisen needed to update their veneer drying line that would cut down on operational costs and simultaneously result in higher quality veneer production. We were happy to help.

Download 5 key reasons to modernize your drying line

From improved product quality to decreased downtime, we have compiled a list of five key reasons why modernizing the veneer drying line will bring a significant improvement to your business. Be sure to download our article to learn why modernization is essential to high-quality and efficient veneer production.

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